Conference Handouts

Use the links below to download currently available conference handouts:

  • Assistive Technology Transfer (Assistive T2) Download (PDF 762 KB)
    The Assistive Technology Transfer mechanisms shown in this chart enhance the ability of our partners to sell new and improved technologies for the benefit of the warfighter and civilians. It also introduces concepts including CRADAs and Commercial Test Agreements (CTAs), as well as MTT Office personnel.
  • MTT Elevator Pitch Download (PDF 253 KB)
    The Medial Technology Transfer Office works with external partners throughout the life science product development lifecycle, from R&D through testing to a fielded product. This is a snapshot our capabilities and the tech areas we cover. See where our visions align and how can we solve problems together.
  • DoD Biomedical Federal Funding Sources Download (PDF 160 KB)
    Do you have the resources necessary to push innovation forward? Wherever you are in your search for funding, here are federal funding sources to explore. There are also opportunities for nonmonetary assistance that many companies are unaware of.
  • T2 Mechanisms Download (PDF 184 KB)
    Here are definitions for a few type of agreements and mechanisms used to facilitate technology transfer including non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and License Agreements, Interinstitutional Agreements (IIAs).
  • T2 Contacts Download (PDF 527 KB)
    This is a list of Technology Transfer contacts across the Army, and includes much more than just medical technologies.
  • T2 Contacts, Maryland Biomedical Download (PDF 403 KB)
    This is a list of NFPs, Angels, VCs, and Government partners that could be sources of advice and/or funding in our Maryland ecosystem.
  • T2 Contacts MRDC Download (PDF 175 KB)
    This is a list of all the ORTAs within MRDC and allows externa partners to zero in on technology areas of interest, whether they are interested in licensing MRDC technologies or partnering with us.

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