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Orthopedic splinting materials and methods for stabilizing an injured limb or extremity of a human or animal comprising applying a foam to the limb or extremity and allowing the foam set to sufficient rigidity, which can be in less than 60 seconds. The foam, such as a Spray Polyurethane Foam, can be sprayed directly on the skin without producing an amount of heat release that is painful or uncomfortable on the skin. Also provided is a kit for stabilizing an injured limb or extremity comprising a dispenser comprising the present foam. Further provided is situ preparation and application of a compression bandage on an injured patient in an emergency or combat situation comprising applying the present foam. A spine board and a method for making the same comprising applying the present foam to the patient's back, then contacting the foam with a board or flat surface before the foam sets.

Docket:WBAMC 09-25

Publication/Issued No.:9,427,489

Publication/Issue Date:2016-08-30

Categories: Device

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Inventor(s):MARTIN, KEVIN

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