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A system for simulating one or more hemorrhages in order to provide a more dynamic and realistic hemorrhage simulation in order to train medical personnel and other critical care givers, such as first responders, medics, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) on treating hemorrhages. The system includes a reservoir, a flow controller, and at least one conduit connected to at least one simulated wound site wherein the system supplies fluid to the simulated wound site in order to simulate a hemorrhage. The system may further include a plurality of wound sites that have their respective fluid flows controlled by the fluid flow controller. In at least one embodiment, the reservoir and the flow controller are housed within a bag. In at least one embodiment, the system further includes an audio system for providing audio cues to the simulation participants to enhance the realism of the simulation.

Docket:EACH 2004-46

Publication/Issued No.:8,342,852

Publication/Issue Date:2013-01-01

Categories: Device

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Inventor(s):KING, LYNN

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