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A portable, lightweight, easy-to-carry, reusable, durable, and environmentally-friendly assembly for sterilizing contaminated equipment using conditions of a chemical sterilant, heat, and humidity generated in situ without requiring external electricity, fuels, or other exogenous energy sources for operation. The carry assembly includes a plastic carry-case or insulated aluminum pressure vessel having an inner chamber for accepting microbiologically contaminated objects, a vessel disposed in the chamber for serving as a reaction chamber and/or boiler, a chemical combination which upon mixing generates at least minimally sufficient conditions of the sterilant, heat, and humidity to effect sterilization of the objects, and outlet valves mounted on the carry-case for controllably venting pressures above ambient air pressure.

Docket:ISR 06-75

Publication/Issued No.:7,976,791

Publication/Issue Date:2011-07-12

Categories: Device

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Inventor(s):DOONA, ET AL.

For Licensing Opportunities, please contact the ORTA at

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