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The invention provides antisense antiviral compounds and methods of their use and production in inhibition of growth of viruses of the Filoviridae family, and in the treatment of a viral infection. The compounds and methods relate to the treatment of viral infections in mammals including primates by Ebola and Marburg viruses. The antisense antiviral compounds are morpholino oligonucleotides having: a) a nuclease resistant backbone, b) 15-40 nucleotide bases, and c) a targeting sequence of at least 15 bases in length that hybridizes to a target region selected from the following: i) the AUG start site region of VP35, as exemplified by SEQ ID NOS:67-71 or ii) the AUG start site region of VP24, as exemplified by SEQ ID NOS:72-76.

Docket:RIID 06-25

Publication/Issued No.:7,507,196

Publication/Issue Date:2009-03-24

Categories: Treatment

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Inventor(s):STEIN ET AL

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