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As disclosed herein, the present invention provides methods and systems for detecting, measuring, or monitoring the presence of absence of at least one emotion in a subject from a speech sample obtained from the subject. In particular, the methods and systems of the present invention comprise extracting at least one feature from the speech sample, assigning the speech sample a score using a weighted frequency band scoring scheme, and comparing the score with a general reference model or a control. As disclosed, the methods, systems and computer programs of the present invention provide detection error rates of about 4.7% or less, preferably about 3.0% or less, more preferably about 2.0% or less, most preferably about 1.0% or less and thereby reduced the detection error rate by about 60.0% or more, preferably about 70.0% or more, more preferably about 80.0% or more, even more preferably about 90% or more, and most preferably 95.0% or more than the detection error rates of prior art methods.

Docket:RIID 2004-12

Publication/Issued No.:7,283,962

Publication/Issue Date:2007-10-16

Categories: Method

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Inventor(s):MEYERHOFF, J.; HANSEN, J.

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