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A force sensing treadmill preferably including a pair of treadmills mounted in tandem, each on its own independent force platform attached to a common chassis. Preferably, each of the force platforms, which are separated by a minimal gap, provides a plurality of signals representing forces in the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis, and torques about these three axes enabling separate information to be collected from the left and right foot during walking and running the entire time that either foot is in contact with the belt. The grade of the treadmill preferably can be changed from uphill to level to downhill and back without storming the belt or having the user stop walking or running. Each treadmill unit preferably includes a belt around a plurality of rollers and preferably within the space inside the belt is located the drive system and forceplate.

Docket:RIEM 2002-07

Publication/Issued No.:6,878,100

Publication/Issue Date:2005-04-12

Categories: Method

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For Licensing Opportunities, please contact the ORTA at

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