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An embodiment of the invention provides an aerosol concentrating apparatus for use with an aerosol aging drum, where the aerosol concentrating apparatus includes an outer housing, an aerosol inlet tube connected to the outer housing, and an extraction tube connected to the outer housing. An axle connected to the outer housing is axially centered within the outer housing, where the axle is formed from porous material. An inner housing is connected to the axle, such that the axle is axially centered within the inner housing, and such that the inner housing is adapted to spin about the axle within the outer housing to separate aerosol particles by size. Aerosol particles below a first threshold size are forced out of the aerosol concentrating apparatus through the axle; and, aerosol particles between the first threshold size and a second threshold size are suspended within the inner housing.

Docket:RIID 16-14-US02

Publication/Issued No.:11,084,046

Publication/Issue Date:2021-08-10

Categories: Device

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Inventor(s):ANDERSON, J.; BAILEY, M.; BOWEN, L.; HAUPT, B.

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